cacti & succulents from seed and cuttings.

seeds sourced in house and from breeders around the world!

growing plants from pure passion.

   We are beyond curiosity. Grafting, growing from seed and propagating plants from leaf and cutting. All DIY since 2014, sourcing seeds from some of the most high quality breeders in the world, as well as a select few of our own mother plants, greenhouse grown in Loveland, Colorado! 

"I want quality fresh genetics for the masses"


Master Grower

Home Grown


Master Grower

                                                built from scratch!

 What started as one shelf in a closet, transformed into a 300 sqft greenhouse and a 5 shelved 2 x 8 ft germination station. 

  We're still learning as we grow, but have started dialing in our craft. We want to share our plants and learned knowledge with anyone curious. 

a special thanks to the Trichocereus community on Facebook for really expanding my abilities as a grower, by being able to ask questions and see experiences from the many, many skilled growers around the world.

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